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Residential Care Home

Brand-new care home for English speakers

Our brand-new care home in Tunisia Yasmine Hammamet opened in October 2016. As well as offering round-the-clock residential care for older people, the skilled care teams at Carthagea care home also provide short and long term respite care and specialist care for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Carthagea : For French Speaking

Hotel converted to luxury care home

The 185-bed care home offers the latest in luxurious living: the home is a Hotel converted and has its own therapy spa, cinema and hair salon and all bedrooms have cams to keep in touch with member’s families.

What’s more, the home is 200 meters near a beautiful beach, and has 2 inside pools, the first is an ocean salt water pool and the second is a heated pool.

The Care Home is near the Beach
Care Home with 2 Inside pools

Every aspect of your loved one’s care is tailored to their needs, interests, likes and dislikes. Our team works hard to get to know your loved one extremely well, creating care plans, organising activities and even planning menus that are uniquely suited to your loved one.

Facilities – The Medical Team

These are also regularly updated in line with your loved one’s needs and wants. Keeping busy every day, staying active and engaged with life is the key to maintaining independence as we get older. That’s why our teams at Carthagea support residents to play a part in the life of the care home, taking part in fun and fulfilling activities and even doing small tasks around the home if they wish.

How to reach us ?

Find out more about what we do on the daily life page. There’s plenty more to discover about Carthagea care home in Yasmine Hammamet Tunisia. For French Speaking Countries and To access the main french site, click here Carthagea.

Carthagea Is a French institution registered at the Register of Commerce and Companies of Paris under 823 060 165, Specialized in the care of Alzheimer's patients and seniors in Medical Care Home.

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